A Seamless Fit

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While the origins of FirstMerit parallel those of Huntington, the recent past of the two banks reflects just as many similarities. “Banks that have been headquartered in the Midwest for a long time really have significant histories and close attachments to the communities and markets that they participate in,” said former FirstMerit director Lizabeth Ardisana. “I think there’s a lot of synergies and a lot of cultural similarities that make these [integrations] easier.”


The Story of Financial Prudence (1966 to Present)

“Banks are in the midst of a ‘revolution,’ paced by computers, automatic check sorters, marketing programs, holding companies (like BankOhio and newly organized Huntington Bancshares) and even plans for merging with savings-loan companies. The next step forecast by many leaders is a checkless society based on bank cards and computerized transfer of credits from account of purchaser to that of the seller.”


 — Mardo Williams, Columbus Dispatch, 1966


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Huntington at 150

Huntington Bank’s history is a history of banking families, regional banks and the colleagues who have sustained our success. It’s an account of our lasting commitment to our people, customers and communities. Welcome to our story—for generations.