The Story of Financial Prudence (1966 to Present)

“Banks are in the midst of a ‘revolution,’ paced by computers, automatic check sorters, marketing programs, holding companies (like BankOhio and newly organized Huntington Bancshares) and even plans for merging with savings-loan companies. The next step forecast by many leaders is a checkless society based on bank cards and computerized transfer of credits from account of purchaser to that of the seller.”


 — Mardo Williams, Columbus Dispatch, 1966


The Growth of the Midwest (1886 to 1966)

“As had their father, Francis, Theodore and B.G. Huntington made the world richer for their presence. They maintained the dignity of the institution that continues to bear the family name, ensured that it met the changing requirements of changing times, and left it in a strong, liquid condition for their successors.”


 — Clair E. Fultz, Huntington: A Family & A Bank


The Story of Huntington’s Roots (pre-founding to 1918)

By the time the Rev. Elijah B. Huntington sent his “circular of invitation” for the Huntington family meeting, he’d nearly completed his comprehensive genealogical memoir, which traced 10 generations descending from Simon and Margaret Huntington, the first of their name to sail to American shores.